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The Blacksmith Shop

The blacksmith was a staple to all early nineteenth century communities. The blacksmith's duties were varied and included shoeing horses, forging tools, ranging from pots to saws, and repairing well-worn wagons. The Blacksmith Shop was a place that made and repaired iron objects. They did this by hammering them by hand on an anvil. First, the iron was heated in a forge until it had a red glow. The forge was kept hot by using a hand-operated bellows. When the iron was hot, the blacksmith shaped and welded the objects into things like hinges, latches, irons, farm and household tools, and utensils. Smiths who made horseshoes to protect the feet of horses were called farriers. In the past, horseshoes were probably the most important articles that blacksmiths made. Blacksmith Shop
Blacksmith Shop