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Important Dates In The Early History
Of The Township of Norwich

1793 Abraham Canfield, United Empire Loyalist from Connecticut, settled in the "Township of Oxford on the Thames" (This township was later divided into North, West and East Oxford Townships: East Oxford became part of the Township of Norwich in 1975.)
1796 The Indian trail through the Township of Oxford on the Thames was widened.
1799 The Township of Norwich was laid out by surveyor William Hambly into lines and concessions and 200 acre lots.
1804 The Indian Trail was widened again to accommodate teams of horses, wagons and stage coaches.
1807-1808   First settlers in what was later South Norwich arrived. Anthony Sells, Joe Spitler, John Phillips Jr., Archie Phillips, Robert Sweet, Joseph Stafford, Seeley Stiles and a man named Barton were among the first.
1808 Construction of the first house and first grist and saw mills on present site of Otterville.
1809 Purchase of 15,000 acres of Norwich Township land at fifty cents an acre by Peter Lossing and his brother-in-law, Peter DeLong of Dutchess County, New York.
1810 Arrival of the families of Peter Lossing and Sears Mott and Lossing's stepson William Hulet.
1811 Arrival of the DeLongs, Cornwells, and Barneses.
1812 Arrival of the Lancasters, Snyders, Youngs, Hunts, Sackriders, Woodrows, Corbins, Emighs, Gillams, Barkers, Nichols, Dennises, Tompkinses, Hillikers, Siples, Stringhams, Holmeses, Dunkins, John Palmers, Haights, Lossees, Suttons, Peckhams, Griffins, Stovers and Cohoes.
Quaker meeting established at home of Joseph Lancaster.
1816 First town meeting held - Solomon Lossing appointed township clerk.
1817 Quaker meeting house built on Quaker Street in the Upper Settlement (Concession 3).
1819 Pine Street Quaker meeting house built (Concession 9) in the Lower Settlement.
1820 Formation of Methodist congregation in the Upper Settlement.
Irish families including the McNallys settled on Concession 5.
1836-1838   The Rebellion and its aftermath caused considerable tension throughout the township
1850 The Township of East Oxford was incorporated.
1855 The Township of Norwich was divided into the Townships of North and South Norwich.
Norwich Public School school belfry
Norwich Public School and Bell Tower