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Quaker Letters Moore 1850s Letters have been scanned A loose transcription of the letters with extensive footnotes linking families and events described. PDF
1810-1910 Centenary Souvenir - Norwich, Ontario Norwich Gazette A history of the village of Norwich and the township of North Norwich, together with the sketches of people and enterprises. Written and compiled by the Norwich Gazette and published under authority of the council of Norwich and North Norwich. 96 p. New versions were  professionally reproduced for the 2010 anniversary. 20.00
1875 Census of Inhabitants Norwich and District Archives In late January, 1875, a census and enumeration was taken of the inhabitants of Norwichville. Eight hundred and twenty seven of the inhabitants wished to have the village incorporated as noted by petition on 28 January 1875. A day later, a second petition was read in County Council claiming that the matter hadn't received adequate consideration and that the boundaries of the proposed village were not accurate. However, the Municipal Council of the County of Oxford passed a by-law (By-law 195) to incorporate the Village of Norwich. This book lists all of the inhabitants, both pro and con the motion. It is beautifully presented on parchment paper with an index at the back. 41 p. 13.00
The Apple Works Norwich and District Archives Norwich township has long been known as a centre for good apple orchards. Diaries, reports, and articles document the history of apple growing in this fertile area. As well, there is the story of Allen's Apple works and several other apple-related industries. At the back of the book are some favourite apple recipes. 66 p. 5.00
At the Crossroads June Flath An informal history of Eastwood containing numerous photos and stories of this small community. Written in a folksy and engaging manner it is a great source of local history. 133 p. 25.00
Amelia Poldon History of the Norwiches Norwich and District Archives This book was compiled from newspaper articles written by Miss Poldon detailing the early history of North and South Norwich and the many municipalities located within these townships. The pages are filled with her comprehensive accounts of people and their lives, commerce and industry, farming activities and local education. This is an excellent book for researchers and for those who are just interested in knowing more about a by-gone era. 141 p. 30.00
Burgessville Memories Norwich Archives Book Committee An informal history of Burgessville using memories of local people as well as numerous photos from the Archives in celebration of the 160th anniversary of the village name being changed for Snyder's Corners to Burgessville. 88 p. 20.00
Changing the Pattern: The Story of Emily Stowe Sydell Waxman Emily Stowe became the first woman school principal and the first woman to practice medicine in Canada. As a leader in the struggle for women's rights, she gradually changed laws and attitudes, opening the way for Canadian girls to have the same opportunities as men. Although this book is written for elementary school students, it carries a lesson for all women and men who dream and who make difficult decisions. no longer available for sale
Descendants of Arthur Families Margaret Hanson Kitchen A history of the family of William Arthur and Betty Hunter of Norwich Township, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada. 132 p. 16.00
Early Electric Lighting in Norwich S. Webster The history of electric lighting was compiled by Stanley Webster, P. Eng., based on information from his father's diary. Herbert Webster was the co-founder of the Norwich Electric Light Company and kept detailed accounts of the building and operation of the Norwich Electric Light Plant, which first produced power to operate lights in Norwich in 1898. Many reproductions of original official agreements and by-laws of the Village of Norwich pertaining to electric lighting are included. 48 p. 2.50
Emily Stowe Mary Beacock Fryer Emily Stowe was a pioneer in two fields: as a woman doctor as a crusader for women's rights. Over the years, enfranchisement, female education, and temperance became burning issues for her. She soon came to see that the first of these issues was the key to achieving the other two. This biography places Emily Stowe against the backdrop of the major social issues of Victorian Canada, and the conditions of practising medicine in the second half of the nineteenth century. no longer available for sale
Four-Foot Cucumbers, Juvenile Delinquents & Frogs from the Sky Crystal Fulton & Glen C. Phillips This is a wonderful collection of 19th century newspaper excerpts, including such delights as a schooner's altercation with a whale (Nanaimo Free Press) to the display of a two-faced calf (Charlottetown Daily Examiner) to the cancellation of a wedding because the prospective groom showed up drunk (Huntsville Forester). All manner of reporting is contained in these pages, from the champion tapeworms to a drunken Sir John A. Macdonald. Insightful, often humorous, and always entertaining, this book is a must for the historically adventurous. 150 p. 13.00
Giants of Oxford Doug Symons This book talks about some of the men and women from Oxford County who changed the world. 104 p. 12.00
Gleanings by the Bushel Carson Bushell This book contains a heritage of information for the descendants of the early settlers in the Norwich area - edited 1982. Included in this is information on businesses in Norwich Township predominately pre-1900. 148 p. 30.00
A History of East Oxford Township East Oxford Centennial Project The Old Stage Road cuts right through the top portion of East Oxford, a main transportation and supply route, and the location of many tales of hidden treasure. This fascinating book describes the township roads as well as the many villages, churches, and schools, some of which exist now, only in memory. There are some great stories included: Cassie Bigley Chadwick was born in Eastwood; the first telephone lines were strung along Thomas Hart's fence; Joe Boyle, one of only two men who returned from the Klondyke as a millionaire and who later became an adventurer and the friend of royalty, once owned a house in East Oxford. 80 p. 20.00
History of Norwich Brick and Tile   A booklet providing information on the Norwich Brick and Tile Company in Norwich, Ontario. 9 p. 2.00
A Hotbed of Treason: Norwich and the Rebellion of 1837 David Brearley Armed rebellion in Upper Canada came only after a long-sustained but unsuccessful effort to secure political and administrative reform. This book details the events leading up to the insurrection in the prosperous farming area that later became the County of Oxford, particularly Norwich and Dereham Townships. Life at the time of the rebellion must have been exciting for those of an adventurous nature, but very insecure for a great many others. The fortunes and misfortunes of the inhabitants are described as the author attempts to define what caused these men to rebel in the first place. 107 p. 20.00
House of Refuge County of Oxford Archives A brief description of Woodstock's House of Refuge. 10 p. 2.00
Index for Land Transactions from the Township Papers Compiled by Muriel Buckrell Contains definitions of terms used. Tells of the beginning of land transactions in British Upper Canada as well as a brief history of the first purchasers. Clergy and Crown Reserves are explained and an index of names involved in the early transaction along with their lot and concession are included. 193 p. 25.00
Inns and Taverns of Oxford County Roy Johnstone This book contains lists of the many inns of Oxford County, their location, the names of the innkeepers, and other related information. For instance, did you know that two poplar trees were often planted by the gate at the front of an inn to welcome travellers and stagecoaches? The importance of inns and taverns in earlier days has often been under-estimated. Inns were often the centre of a community's social activities, acting as church, general meeting place, election poll station, post office, retail outlet, and information centre. 90 p. 19.00
Men and Pork Chops W. L. Bishop This book is an in-depth account covering the period when individual farmers drove their hogs to market to modern-day, democratically-controlled marketing boards. Told by Wilfred Bishop, a local hog farmer, the book gives the history of this farm-based movement. In particular, it recounts the efforts of "Charlie" McInnis to instigate successful producer-controlled marketing of farm products. 184 p. 6.00
My Family Tree Book Norwich and District Archives Beginning family historians often want a guide for "getting started." This scrapbook offers a place to record pertinent material as well as copies of photographs. There are a variety of forms included as well as an envelope for clippings and extra information. Since the book is cerelux bound, it is easy to arrange for additional pages to be added, as necessary. Many researchers have found this to be the ideal gift for children or grandchildren. 33 p. 5.00
Norwich Farms and Villages 1853 Norwich Historical Society This book was first compiled by Stella Mott from an 1853 Collector's Roll in the Archives Collection. In 1999, the material was revised and indexed by Ruth Clayton. Each concession of Norwich Township is mapped out with the various landowners for each property identified. A study of this material is invaluable for researchers who want to see where their ancestors lived and to perhaps identify the property lines today. 30 p. 16.00
Of Other Times John Eacott & Norwich and District Historical Society The stories of this area are told in this picture book of "memories captured by the instant eye of some photographer long ago..." Hundreds of photographs depict the life and times of the people living in what is now Norwich Township, Oxford County, while quotes and short articles supplement the visual aspects of the history and add a personal perspective to this look at "other times." This unique account of rural life during the hundred year span of 1840 to 1940 would be a wonderful addition to any library or collection. no longer in print
Old Home Week - Norwich 1946 Norwich District Reunion Committee This is the story of the community of Norwich up to 1946. This book has been compiled for people who come home, for children and young people, who grow up and go away, and for older citizens who like to recall their early days.88 p. 25.00
Oxford Centre Remembers Norwich Archives Book Committee This book, completed in summer 2009, presents a detailed look at the people and places around Oxford Centre, Oxford County, Ontario. Extensive information was collected from local residents and long standing families. The book is a compilation from diverse sources. 30.00
Pieter Pieterse Lassen of Dutchess County and his Descendants Donna G. Ewins A history of the family and descendants of Pieter Pieterse Lassen. 60 p. 20.00
The Quakers: Early Settlers of Norwich Norwich and District Museum This booklet, written for children, is intended to give a general introduction to Quaker religion and customs. Pioneer settlement of Norwich and prominent figures in Quaker history are also discussed. 8 p. 2.50
A Safe Haven Joyce Pettigrew Out of print.  
South of Sodom: a history of South Norwich South Norwich Historical Society A comprehensive history of South Norwich Township including every town and village with numerous pictures, family histories and maps. a must for anyone interested in South Norwich history. 414 p 40.00
South of Sodom: a history of South Norwich Index Norwich and District Archives Index for above book. 5.00
Souvenir of Otterville: Otterville Centennial July 24, 1907 Norwich and District Historical Society An early history of Otterville along with photographs and information about prominent industries and citizens.  36 p. 8.00
Town Book for the Township of Norwich commencing Jan. 7, 1828. Norwich and District Archives Register of those holding municipal office from 1830 to 1870. 72 p. 10.00
Township of Norwich 1810-1985 175th Anniversary Steering Committee Early history begins with the Norwich Quaker settlement and Norwich's participation in the Rebellion of 1837. Local government, community churches, schools, clubs and organizations, along with photographs, are featured. Many area farms and businesses are mentioned, with photos of most. This book is a blend of history and more current information, making informative and enjoyable reading. 84 p. 30.00
Township of Norwich Lossing/Quaker Settlement 1810 -2010: Celebrating 200 years 200th Anniversary Steering Committee Chapters: Early History  Municipal and Government Services ; Churches ; Schools ; Clubs and Organizations ; Sports ; Agriculture ; Business and Industry ; Professional Services ; And There's More... 133p. 25.00
Treasures from the Stacks Norwich and District Archives This book contains many letters, documents, articles and resources of early Norwich settlers. 74 p. 20.00
The Village That Straddled a Swamp Doug M. Symons Find out about the history of Woodstock from the native Attawandaron tribe to local child actor, Kevin Zegers. There is just so much that happened in Woodstock through the years! You'll read about commerce and industry, the arts, sports, and leisure events, as well as quarrels, crimes, and natural disasters. The book is written in a unique, loosely chronological style that makes you want to keep on reading and enjoying this fascinating story. 193 p. 26.00
We Remember Quaker Street School - S.S. No. 6, 1863-1961 Memories Booklet Committee Built in the heart of the Norwich Quaker settlement, the Quaker Street School was the centre of many Community events, including Christmas concerts, Arbor days, and school fairs. The school reunion in 1987 brought together many old school chums and provided an opportunity to record anecdotes of many pupils and former teachers. This book is a wonderful memory of a happy one-room schoolhouse and the people who attended there. 51 p. 5.00
When Cheese Was King E. S. Moore A perennial favourite, this a comprehensive and well-researched book which lists more than one hundred cheese factories in existence around the turn of the century. Written by Ed Moore and using materials collected over many years by Marie Jackson, the factories are listed according to their location in the eleven original townships. From the Big Cheese of Ingersoll to Lydia Ranney, pioneer teacher and cheese maker, this book is a fascinating read. 155 p. 27.00
Census 1881
Blandford Twp    $16.00
Blenheim Twp.    $16.00

Blandford Twp.           $16.00
Dereham  Twp             $28.00
East Oxford Twp.        $15.00
North Norwich Twp    $16.00
Norwich Village           $10.00
South Norwich Twp    $16.00
Tillsonburg                  $18.00
West Oxford Twp.      $18.00

Peter Lossing map of the settlement at Norwich, Ontario   A professional reproduction of the original map. 25.00