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Dairy Barn

Cream Separators Since the 1850's, Norwich and the surrounding area has been well-known for our involvement in the dairy industry, namely that of cheese production. In those days every small community had a cheese factory, including Norwich with three factories, Burgessville, Holbrook, and Otterville. As a matter of fact, in the 1851 census, it was noted that cheese production in Norwich stood at 112,543 lbs. of cheese per year. By 1864, Oxford County was producing half a million lbs. of cheese a year which was about three times the production of any other country at that time. While the dairy industry has changed significantly since the 1850's, it still continues to play an important role in our community.

Agricultural Barn

Fanning Mill Norwich's involvement in the agricultural industry began with the arrival of the early pioneers in 1810. In the beginning, farming was difficult and involved plowing around a maze of stumps, the remnants of a newly felled forest. Some of the early crops grown included wheat, corn, oats, peas, and barley. In addition to milch cows, sheep, hogs and horses were also raised. Apples became a popular staple of the Norwich agricultural industry, and in fact Allen's apple juice was once located here. The agricultural industry continues to thrive in this area with many of the crops first planted in Norwich still being produced today, such as corn and wheat.